big mountain

A little girl stood at the foot of the mountain. She looked up and wowed at the beauty around – the greenery, the open blue skies, the vastness of the land but what really caught her attention was the big, strong mountain. It stood there for years or maybe centuries. Snow, thunderstorm, strong winds came and went but the mountain still stood there – big and strong.

Yes, the bad weather did leave its mark on the big, strong mountain – an erosion here, an erosion there but that didn’t make a difference. The snow made its home on the mountain, yet it never complained of feeling cold but was rather proud of the beauty the snow added to it. When the snow melted away, it took with it the mountain soil – a souvenir of the mountain. The strong winds too would take with them something from the mountain, but still the mountain stood there big and strong, beautiful and radiant.

The little girl wondered why we couldn’t be like the big strong mountain. In spite of all our troubles, no matter who tramples all over us, if we could be like the big, strong mountain, how nice it would be – no tears, no sorrows and no complaints. In the stillness, she heard a little voice say to her:

Yes, you too can be like the big, strong mountain, but for that my dear, you have to weather the storms in your life first, experience the pleasant and unpleasant and learn from it. Remember, no one can do any harm to you unless you allow it. If you are cool and calm in all your moments, then you too can be like the big, strong mountain.


~ oleh oretankoe pada Februari 21, 2009.

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