Living the dream!

Every body talks about living the dream. How many of us really get to do “living the dream”? It is my belief that more of us are living it than we realize, while others watch others in wonder and say “Why not me?” There is no magic formula, no special potion and (shhh…) no secret answer available to a chosen few on how to live your dream. The “how to do this” involves paying attention every day to opportunities that are right under your nose, or even under your pillow! Then you have to do something about what you dreamed about (this involves inspiration, perspiration and manifestation) and then you have to wake up and say WOW! I did it! (This last part is the one that many people forget to do!)

Paying attention, doing the thing that needs doing and realization that it IS (you are in the middle of your dream!) are the three elements that are needed for “living the dream”.

Anything in life that happens starts with an idea. So let’s start with the dreaming part. We all dream, either aware of our dreams or just idly wishing in a daydream. In his book, The Three Only Things, author Robert Moss says that dreams are so more prevalent in history than we realize. Great discoveries were made often in dream states by scientists. We all have dreams, and some are significant and others are just leftover brain fluff from a long tiring day. Even daydreaming can lead to some brilliant ideas and aha moments. Sometimes, answers to huge problems come in dreams or warnings show us that we need to take a different path. Paying attention to those ideas or bits and pieces that come daily to our mind are crucial. Once you have the dream of what you want, you have to take some action. As Robert Moss states in his book, “What we can imagine has a tendency to become real in our bodies and our world.”

This is the big part of the equation, becoming real – emphasis on the word “big”. Planning, revising, editing, making mistakes, turning a matter upside down, just DOING it is the matter of manifesting your ideas into reality. You have to have stamina, vision, incredible work ethics, and good old fashioned endurance to make things happen in the physical world. A good chunk of faith in your self is always a necessary ingredient to this process. Probably most important to this whole idea is to surround yourself with other people who believe in you and your dream! The energy of good vibes can never be discounted. Get those people on board your own train of grand plans, chugging along to wonderland!

The final piece is the most misunderstood, and sometimes someone else has to remind you of it. When do you know you arrived? Or do you ever get there? Or does it matter? How do you know you are “living the dream” when you are in the middle of it?

Does a fish know it is surrounded by water? Do birds know they are surrounded by air? Do you know if you are surrounded by all the things you have dreamed of? Fish and birds may or may not know; we can’t take a poll and ask them. But when you are in the flow…you just know. Your energy is up, people want some of what you have got going on, and they want to be part of it. You attract more good stuff into your life, and despite setbacks and some difficulties, the direction always leads you into the next step, and into more ideas, and more growth, The old saying, “If you ain’t growing, you’re dying” is a perfect yardstick.

A good question to ask yourself is, “What am I doing toward living my dream?” The answer(s) may take you by surprise and turn your heart and head in a brand new direction!


~ oleh oretankoe pada Februari 21, 2009.

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