How to Reuse Old Newspaper

Those of us who still get our news and sports results from a newspaper—usually end up with a mess to store until recycling day. Now, wouldn’t it be great if you could actually use those stacks of old newspapers for something else? Well you can. Here are some ideas.

Use old newspaper to line your kitty litter box or your kitchen garbage can. The paper will help control odors and absorb moisture, so putting out the trash or changing the litter box won’t be quite as gross a job.

Line the vegetable drawers in your fridge. Here again, the newspaper will absorb moisture from any old, forgotten vegetables while helping reduce any smells.

Prepare a mixture of half vinegar and half water and use crumpled-up newspapers to clean windows, TV screens and computer monitors. Simply crush the newspaper into a ball, soak it in the water/vinegar mixture, then squeeze the excess moisture out, leaving the paper just damp. Clean the windows using a circular motion and finish up with a clean, dry piece of newspaper.

Keep the floors near your door clean by laying newspaper down near the entrance. The newspaper will soak up and hold moisture from rain or snow-covered boots and protect your floors. You can also use newspaper to help dry out wet boots and shoes by crumpling some of it up and stuffing it inside.

Save money and make your own seeding pots using newspaper and a straight-sided jar. Use the jar as a mold and wrap the newspaper around the jar, then fold the tails into the base. Now just remove the jar and fill your newspaper seeding pot with soil.

Stop grass clippings from smelling while you’re composting them, or even if you’re storing them until they can be picked. Tear a few sheets of newspaper into strips and put them in with the clippings. The newspaper will quickly compost and absorb the awful smell grass clippings give off when they’re stored for a while.

Keep some newspaper in your garage or workshop. If you happen to spill some gas or oil on the floor, newspaper will help absorb the spill and can prevent a permanent stain on concrete or a soft spot in your asphalt drive.

Use newspaper as a great fire starter. Crumple a few sheets into balls and place them in with piles of kindling. The paper burns fast and hot, giving the kindling a good start. You can even use newspapers in your fireplace to replace logs. Overlap sheets of newspaper by about one third of their length and roll them into a tube. The solid tube of newsprint will burn much like a log in the fireplace.


~ oleh oretankoe pada Maret 7, 2009.

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