DRAMA ‘Short Moment’

Sometimes we see an emotional short moment from one person or few people in your environment around you.  You can name it ‘short film’ or we called it here ‘drama’.

hahaha. its not real movie or real film

it just a short moment of emotional shoot of a few of people you see in front of you or in television or hear from people who talk to you or hear from radio or reading in newspaper/magazine/e paper or etc

We thought it only in TV or social media or film Box Office, Now we realize that is not. It could be in our neighborhood, office, school, socialite, food area, public area, etc Even you friend could make drama in front of you too. Don’t be surprise of that, cause my best friend do that to me.

‘Cause we see it everywhere, as we knew and it makes us very difficult to distinguish between real or fake real (hahahaha You cant name it drama since we don’t know whether its reality or ‘drama’)

funny isn’t it.

You never know who is right or wrong, Never know the ending story, Never know who will take a granted for this scenario or will be a champion or will be looser, even you never know who create the scenario cause it never been publish ‘the story behind the scene’

Don’t take to much energy to understand the situation, just enjoy to watch it like you see movie in television/YouTube/internet or hear from your radio station or you read a storybook/storyteller/magazine/newspaper/e book.

You already grown up now .  Enjoy the show

Be your self.

Be nice to everyone cause we never know what will be happen next moment.


~ oleh oretankoe pada Desember 9, 2015.

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